If you have been living under a rock, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series this year. Now a Dekalb resident wants to let their rivals know about that opening day. 

If you are a Cubs fan, you know the rivalry that fans have with St. Louis Cardinals fans. There is no love lost between the two. With the Cubs winning the World Series this year, fans are very confident of their team (which they should)

In 2017, the Cubs will start the regular season on the road in their rivals home base of Busch Stadium. The game is scheduled for Sunday, April 2nd in St. Louis and the game will be nationally televised on ESPN.

One fan who lives in Dekalb wants to spread the "Cubbie Blue" all around the "Gateway CIty". Noah Templin has started a Go Fund Me page, looking for a large amount of money so he can buy billboards all around Busch Stadium. Why does he want to do that? Here is his answer:

"A few business associates and I want to fill downtown St. Louis with billboards surrounding Busch Stadium for that opening weekend. Donations will help pay for and reserve the billboards downtown, and the sooner the better. Imagine, Cubs fans and Cardinal fans alike, heading to Busch Stadium and Ballpark Villiage. Walking and driving through downtown and seeing billboard after billboard of the Cubs world series championships, something Cardinal fans said would never happen."

No matter what happens with the campaign, either the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation or Cubs Charities will receive half of what is raised or what is left over from the goal of $500,000.

When I first saw this, I just laughed. As a Cardinals fan, it would be different to see Cubs logos all over the place. He does have a good point though. If 500,000 people would donate a $1, he would have it. Considering that five million people went to the parade, this shouldn't be that hard.

Good luck Noah. You are going to be a winner no matter what happens. Here is the link to the page.