Right away, you need to know this possible demolish is only a rumor circulating social media, at this point. There has been no specific mention by any credible sources that this piece of history is on the brink of demolition.

Credit: Google Street View

There's an old building, at 1122 South Main Street, that you've probably passed a thousand times but never paid attention to. (Until today, this is the exact scenario for me.) Just south of Morgan Street, an old theater from Rockford's past still stands, although it appears to be in really rough shape.

The historical landmark-worthy, Capitol Theater, opened in 1928, according to cinematreasures.org, and described as what once was a breathtaking building.

...designed in a Spanish Colonial style on S. Main Street, faced with buff-colored brick, a set of four arched windows over the main entrance, terra-cotta medallions just under the cornice and a deep red Spanish tile roof. Inside the Atmospheric style auditorium, ‘stars’ twinkled in the sky above.

The theater closed in the 70s and was eventually used for a variety of businesses since then, including a billiard hall and a taco joint.


That's the rumor swirling a few different "Rockford" groups on Facebook but, with all social media, it's hearsay at this point.


IF the building is indeed on the list to be demolished there are four things on the upper portion of the building I had never noticed until it was pointed out to me just now. These are presidential profile reliefs.

"What the heck is that?", you might be wondering. Have a look below.

Credit: Google Street View

Don't even ask me which of the U.S. Presidents those are because I have no clue.

(Here's a closer look.)

Credit: Google Street View

What I do know is that if, in fact, this building is to be demolished, those four circles need to be salvaged and keep somewhere displaying Rockford's history.

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