I love looking at all the year-end lists that come out in December. You know, the ones that remind us of the biggest scandals, topics, products, news stories, etc. that have happened that year.

When the official year-end Google trends come out, it's usually super interesting to read, unless you're living in Rockford in 2018 apparently.

I'm just kidding...kind of.

Upon first glance at Rockford's rising Google trends for 2018, we seem like every other city...we're all obsessed with the game Fort Nite.

It's when you start diving into the top trends of the last 12 months that it starts getting a little disappointing...

  1. Illinois - U.S. Senate
  2. Rockford 
  3. Facebook 
  4. Weather 
  5. Google

Top five on the list seem normal enough, right? Dive in further and you'll discover that more people in Rockford are searching for "Pornhub" than the Chicago Cubs or Walmart, and that just leaves us with so many questions.

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