The hard freeze and winter vortex this year took out quite a bit of those little stink bugs we've all come to be annoyed by, but we have a new bug in town and this time its serious. Believe me, this is not near as cute as it sounds. According to, the CDC is warning residents in the United States about a bug that has made its way to 12 different states including Illinois. They are calling it the deadly 'Kissing Bug'. It's a disease you get from a certain insect called a Triatominae that usually bites people on the face. The name for the disease is Chagas.

Chagas can be a bit scary. Some of the symptoms of Chagas are fever, fatigue, swelling and a rash but it can be more serious causing strokes or even heart failure. It can also affect your pets at home. Chagas can actually give our pets heart disease. The CDC says to help prevent infestation, make sure your pets sleep indoors and also try to seal up cracks and gaps around your windows and walls in your home. Everyday it seems there's always something new out there to get you.

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