Technically he was there broadcasting with ESPN, but he couldn't pass up an opportunity to get his hands on the ball.

Just yesterday, I was at a BBQ talking about the being that is David Ross.

While some people might think we've been over-Rossy-ed, I'm still ok with it.

Let's be real, would you rather open Facebook and find another story about violence or David Ross?

I bet you'll still with Grandpa, too.

So not only was Ross the topic of conversation at my brother and sister-in-law's BBQ, he was also broadcasting with ESPN at the Cubs game.

And when Jason Heyward needed someone to warm-up with, Ross took to the bleachers and played catch with the outfielder.

Part of the Ross charm might be his smile. Because that is a genuine smile of happiness to be playing at Wrigley.

Plus the Cubs won, so we'll take it.

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