Add Darius Rucker's name to the list of new albums we can expect to arrive in 2022.

Although he didn't give a specific date, Rucker says he'd like for a new project to be out early in the new year, and ideally, before he hits the road. The "My Masterpiece" singer will be doing a theater tour beginning Feb. 17.

It's a tour that has been a dream of Rucker's for quite some time.

While speaking to Taste of Country ahead of the 55th Annual CMA Awards, Rucker mentioned that the album is just about finished — just one more vocal to record and some mixing before the project is complete.

So, what can we expect from this new release?

"You know, with the pandemic and all the stuff going on in my life, there was a whole bunch of stuff to write songs about," he admits with a chuckle. Rucker and his wife of 20 years split in 2020.

He emphasized how easy it was to write this album, and although he didn't go into detail, the content will likely be relatable. Ultimately, he says working on it was both fun and therapeutic.

When asked whether he wallows in the hard times or tries to spin them in a positive light, Rucker says, "Both." It's this juxtaposition, he says, that enabled him to write the song "Beers and Sunshine." That uplifting song came out right at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, after the world shut down. And boy, did we need it.

Despite not giving us a specific release date, maybe we can hope for Rucker's new project to arrive in early February or late January. Hopefully we'll have enough time with it to memorize a few songs before he serenades us on what's said to be an intimate theater tour. See dates here.

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