Every parent knows kids do some darn crazy things, but perhaps we don't realize that our responses to these crazy antics can be even funnier than the actions themselves. Thank goodness one Iowa dad has shown us just how hilarious life with little ones can actually be.

Nathan Ripperger is a video producer, graphic designer, and father of FIVE boys from Iowa who has been posting and creating photos of ridiculous things he has said to his sons for years. Some examples: "I am not talking to you until you are wearing underwear", or "Did you put syrup on the dog." (See more funny examples here.)

It's wasn't until the last year or so that Ripperger's photos started going viral, which led him to compile them all in a book called "Things I've Said to My Children."

As the mother of a sassy red-headed almost two-year-old, this man's images really hit home. After thinking about it, just yesterday alone I said these ridiculous things to my daughter:

  • Chloe's (our female dog) nipples are not buttons to push and pull.
  • We do not carry shoes in our mouth, Ella.
  • No, your doggy does not want to take a swim in the bathtub.
  • Dirty underwear does not go around your neck like a necklace.

Maybe I can be a co-writer on Ripperger's next book. LOL!

Here's one thing I do know, a copy of "Things I've Said My Children" would make a great gift for any parent-to-be so they are prepared for the ridiculousness to come.