What this dad did for his son deserve that title of "World's Greatest Dad"! He got a tattoo to match his son's surgery scar.


ABC7 Chicago shared the story of Gabriel Marshall who was "diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma in March of 2015, and the surgeries to remove his tumor left him bald and with a prominent scar on the right side of his head."

His father, Josh Marshall, noticed that his son was very self conscious of the permanent scar left by the tumor removal and said that he, Gabriel,"felt like a monster."

Josh made the decision to get a matching tattoo. "He says Gabriel loves the tattoo and tells people they are like twins."

Aww, isn't that awesome?! What love a parent has that they will do anything, including getting a tattoo for their child to help them in life and show how special they are to them.

Now you can see why I said that Josh Marshall truly deserves the title of World's Greatest Dad.

By the way Gabriel's tumor, a small portion couldn't be removed during the surgery, has not grown since his operation almost a year ago.