Take me out to the ballgame, if you can afford it. OMG!

Ticket prices for the Cubs vs Indians World Series games have hit level almost unheard of when it comes to World Series games. Maybe because fans have not had an opportunity like this in 71 years.

Right now your best bargain is catching a game in Cleveland, if you want to see the Cubs at Wrigley, you'll need to take out a second mortgage on your home.

By the way, in 1945 when the Cubs last appeared in the World Series the price printed on the ticket was $6.00. Adjusted for inflation, that would amount to just over $80 in 2016 dollars. Of course, ticket scalping wasn't as prevalent back in 1945 as it is today, so go figure.

Ticket IQ has calculated the average costs of Cubs/Indians World Series tickets.


Red: Average List Price/ Blue: Average Sale Price / Black: Average Get-in Price

For games 1-2 in Cleveland
TicketIQ Graphic

For games 3-4-5 in Chicago

TicketIQ Graphic

For games 6-7 in Cleveland

According to ticketIQ,

The 'average' resale price for 2016 World Series tickets is $4,714.76 across the seven-game series. Each game is averaging over $2,000, with Game 1 in Cleveland on Tuesday night being the least expensive to attend ($2,118.31 avg./$879 get-in price). Indians World Series tickets at Progressive Field are averaging $3,164.44 over Games 1, 2 and possible Games 6 and 7.

As far as the games 3,4 and 5 in Chicago:

Prices will skyrocket for Cubs World Series tickets at Wrigley Field. The average resale price for tickets on the North Side of Chicago is currently $6,781.84, making the Cubs the most expensive World Series team to watch this decade.

Yikes, $6781.00 is a bit pricey for me. Shout it out..."Go Cubs Go", but for me I'll have to do it from my easy chair.