If you somehow manage to get your hands on one of the 2016 Cubs World Series rings, don't even think about trying to sell it. The Cubs have revealed it's value on the second hand market.How much? A dollar! That's not a joke.

So you are saying to yourself, it must be worth thousands of dollars on the resale market, but according to the Chicago Cubs, the value is "a dollar."

Appraisers believe the ring, with its 108 diamonds, is worth anywhere between $50,000 - $250,000 on the open market. So why the $1 price tag?

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the rings were issued to the Cubs with strings attached to discourage their resale. The Cubs asked recipients to sign an agreement that would offer the Cubs the exclusive right to buy back each ring back for $1. In other words, if you get one of these precious rings, you can't sell it.

The Sun Times says this practice is not unusual for World Series winning teams. They want to discourage the sale of these on the open market.

If you have not seen this gorgeous bit of Cubbie bling, check out the video.




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