A Chicago fireman named Tommy Poreda lost his wedding ring during Game 4 of the World Series at Wrigley Field, but thanks to the Chicago Cubs, Poreda was recently reunited with his family heirloom ring. 

This story of lost and found goes a little something like this...

Tommy Poreda, as most fans were during the entire World Series, was overcome by anxiety and excitement watching the Cubs play Game 4 at Wrigley Field. He was turning and fiddling with his wedding ring in nervous excitement, and the next thing you know, everyone in the row he was sitting was searching frantically for Poreda's lost ring. He never did find the ring that night, and was heartbroken because it was an family heirloom Irish claddagh ring. Here's where the story gets good. Two days later a season ticket holder who was sitting next to Poreda at the game found the ring in the bag of souvenirs he bought that night! This fan, named Mark Stephens told the Chicago Sun Times;

I was going through the bag on Halloween night two days after the game and bingo! There it was,” Stephens said.

“I even called the Cubs to see if we could find the guy, but they never got back to me.”

“I never got his name, but he appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, that his father was a retired Chicago fireman — and that he had also once worked for the Chicago Fire Department — and now lived in the suburbs.


Eventually Brian Garza, a Chicago Cubs employee, was able to track down Poreda's seat ticket, and then a little holiday miracle took place.



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