The Chicago Cubs sent out invoices to season ticket holders informing them that ticket prices, across the board, will be going up in price. How much?


The Chicago Cubs coming off a great season with 97 wins, will be raising ticket prices between 10 percent and 12.8 percent across the board for the 2016 season.

According to CBS Chicago, "Season-ticket holders received invoices Friday for the amount that’s due in early December (20 percent of the total) and the remaining amount due by mid-January".

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images
Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

When you factor in the amount of fans at Wrigley Field, around 40 thousand a game, and the increase, the Cubs should have an extra $20 million based to work with for the ball club. No word yet on what the Cubs plan to do with the influx of revenue.

What it all means according to CBS Chicago, " The average ticket price will jump to around $51 for 2016, up from $47 in 2015".

If the Chicago Cubs keep winning, it will not be an issue for fans. If they pull up with a horrific season on the field, fans will more than likely bulk at the increase.

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