This might be one of the most specific Rockford Craigslist Missed Connections I've seen yet. It might be even easy to guess who the sought out person is.

In case you've never read a Missed Connection posting it's basically a place where... interesting people... reach out to someone they may have crossed paths with at a stoplight, while shopping, or at Subway - which is where this story occurs.

I'll show you then post and then share the conversation with the person it's most likely about.

Subway Missed Connection
Rockford Craigslist

"Red hair" and "green eyes" is pretty specific, so I went straight to the person I think is related to this 'missed connection.' Because of privacy reasons I won't mention her namem so her name will be Betty.

I asked Betty if she saw this post and she had after someone else shared it with her. I said "is it you?!," and she said "I told my boss about it and begged her to assure me I wasn't the only red head lol." She is, in fact, the only red head.

So Betty agree that it's about her and is flattered by the post, but happily married. She showed appreciation the compliment by saying "Never been referred to as a goddess (sigh) lol."

So there you have, a real life Craigslist Missed Connection... connection in Rockford.

Have you ever read a Craigslist Missed Connection or online personal ad and thought it was about you? Let me know in a comment.

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