It is not Friday, but who cares, we are still searching for a missed connection.

Each Friday I read missed connections from Rockford's Craigslist page, but this weekend, Jennifer actually sent me this email looking for a guy she has a missed connection with before Christmas.

Jennifer writes:

Hi, so I've read articles on people looking for someone they saw at a store etc. So I was at Circle K on Perryville & Charles St at about 9:40 this morning. I pulled up in my blue Honda Odyssey & this guy was going to get into his Jeep Cherokee. Saw him look my way a couple times. I looked over thought he was cute but walked inside the gas station. I kept saying to myself I should have said hi. It's still bugging me. So I thought maybe you could help a girl out & put the word out. Don't know if I'd get a response but can't hurt to try :)

This happened on Friday, December 21... do you know the Jeep dude? Can we help Jennifer have an awesome 2019?

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