So you're at the library checking out a book or two on gardening, or a "how to" sew buttons on ice cream guide. Well before I check out, I'm going to use the bathroom quick and OH MY GOD THERE'S PEOPLE DOING IT IN THE BATHROOM!!!

This is a true story in Waukesha, Wi at the Waukesha Public Library. A woman walked into the bathroom to find Daniel Goralski, 29, and Julie Dahms, 19 in a bathroom stall, not trying to find their missing library card.  The woman said they were  “naked from head to toe,” and partaking in "unacceptable behavior."

Security was alerted of the goings on, and went to check out the situation. When security attempted to enter the bathroom the door was locked (maybe they should have locked it the first time) and heard zippers and clothing being shuffled around.

Police were called and the library rompers were questioned about their actions.

Julie Dahms told police, the couple had not seen each other in a couple days and wanted some alone a library bathroom? The couple actually lives a few miles from the library and decided that that was the place to make things happen.

Julies Dahms was hit with a citation but her boyfriend got things way worse. It turns out Mr Goralski was hit with a misdemeanor because he is a REPEAT OFFENDER. He has a healthy rap sheet of dumb stuff including bail jumping and domestic abuse.


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