This was my first time at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. What I experienced would leave anyone in a dizzy spell.

When I arrived to the festival grounds, I was in complete awe as to how many people were already there camping out. I have never been to a multi day festival before, so this was a cool experience to see.

On my trip, I was joined by another first timer, weekend warrior Tommy Leu. We both were joined on the day by the one and only Jonny J. It was our day, so we were given the task to do on stage announcements and interview the artist.

It all started around 2:30 as Tommy interviewed newcomer David Ray. He was a super nice guy. Then I introduced him on the main stage. Although there weren't as many people there, I was nervous as a camera was pointing on me. Both myself and Tommy did a great job with intros of both David Ray and Ryan Hurd.

We then noticed it was starting to cloud up. Which was a good thing since the temps were in the low 90's. I was getting ready to go onstage to introduce Chase Bryant when a festival organizer got the call that the festival was on hold. A storm system was headed our way and it included high winds. The safety of the fans, workers and performers are always on the mind of the festival organizers.

I was hanging out backstage for a bit and then headed back to our trailer on radio row. What came next was the first time I was really worried about the weather.

This is what was approaching at about 6:45 PM.

Tom Leu

It looked like a wall cloud. The winds started to pick up and we all made the decision to head to a sturdy building. It started to pour and the winds really picked up. This lasted for a good 45 minutes.

The rain let up after a few hours, but the lightning was still bad.  Then there was some hope. At around 9:30, they turned the lights on the stage and started to get ready for Chris Young. People were cheering and yelling and getting excited.

Well, Mother Nature decided that lightning has to stick around the whole evening. Event organizers decided to cancel the evening to keep everyone safe from the weather. Chris Young took to Facebook to apologize to everyone. Also not being able to perform were Chase Bryant and Dallas Smith. Chase had to dodge raindrops the last time he was in the area at the Young At Heart festival in Loves Park last month.

So, despite the fact the Q crew was not able to do many of the things we wanted to do on our day, it was still a great time. Thank you to Jonny for all of his hard work getting everything set up and thanks to Tommy for the interviews.  It was also great meeting all of you on our day. Make sure to stop up the rest of this weekend and say hi.