An Illinois woman just turned 101 and celebrated her special day at her favorite Taco Bell.

Could this be the key to her long life?

ABC7 shares that Ruth Parker, or Miss Ruth, as the Taco Bell employees lovingly call her recently turned 101 and choose to celebrate it at her favorite Carbondale Taco Bell.

She's been going to this same Taco Bell for the last 18 years.

The day she moved to town she came in looking for a place to sit, read her paper and drink her coffee. At the time they didn't have coffee but an employee offered her his.

She's been coming back regularly, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays "like clockwork" ever since .

Ruth says she's pretty much has had everything on the menu in the last 18 years and  her favorites are the taco (nacho) fries. She said, "Right now I'm hooked on their taco fries. They're delicious!"

The restaurant has plans to make her 102nd birthday a big fiesta next year.

As for Ruth she "plans to be there as well." She said "I feel alright for being 101 I guess, haha."

Well more power to Ms. Parker.

I'm wondering if it is the eating of nacho fires, burrito supreme's, Mexican pizza, or whatever else that has given her this longevity?

Whatever it is, I sure hope if I reach the age of 101 I'm just as alert, spry and active as Miss Ruth and still loving and wanting to eat Taco Bell too.

Heck I hope I look like her too. She doesn't even look like she's 101!

Check out the news clip below.

See I told you.

Wow! Just Wow!




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