Ever wanted that Cinnamon Crunch Bagel delivered to your house or business? That could be a reality soon. Just this morning, someone was commenting how good the smell of a soufflé was in the building. That soufflé came from the place where Cinnamon Crunch bagels and green tea are popular.

Panera Bread announced that it will be bringing delivery service to more than 35% of its restaurants before the end of the year. Businessinsider.com says that the chain experimented with delivery 5 years ago.

There is also something Panera has been experimenting with and it involves kiosks. Panera 2.0 is the concept of having computers located in one area and letting the customer order and pay for whatever they want, eliminating the need for waiting in line for customer service.

We can hope that delivery will come soon to the Perryville Rd and the Machesney Park locations soon. Those chicken sandwiches are amazing!

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