In Peoria, a man had the police called on him when his neighbor thought his bad singing was him yelling for help.

I do it all the time. Before I get in the shower, I turn up the radio. Of course, that is followed by some really bad singing. My family isn't fans of my bathroom serenade but I've never had the cops called on me for it.

According to,

Jeremy had been doing yard work. After he was done, he headed inside to clean up. When he got out of the shower, he was greeted at his front door by the police.

Apparently while in the bathroom, the man started to sing loudly. It must have been terrible because his neighbor thought he was yelling for help.

The officers quickly realized what happened and moved on with their day.

I've heard of the authorities being called by neighbors for loud parties, garage band practice, and even people having loud sex but never for bad singing.

This is definitely a first.


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