Last night I went dress shopping with my sister to find an outfit for my niece, her daughter's, wedding in June.

I have a huge complaint to dress makers.

Why do you make the zipper pulls so small?

Ugh! They are so stinking small it's hard to grab when your arms are doubled back behind you. Good thing my sister and I were together to have each others back. Literally.

Ever had that zipper problem?

It's so annoying. I get making them somewhat discreet to blend with the dress, but seriously how is a single person suppose to zip themselves in without help?

I guess I'm going to have to bend a hanger and make my own over the back pull.

If you've ever run into this problem or others like a that just won't stay up, that's super annoying too, maybe one of these tips can help.

How to Fix Common Zipper Problems