When the massive storm passed over Rockford, that officially included not one but two tornadoes, a few days ago, many people lost power.

Matter of fact, the word is there are still many in the Rockford area without electricity.

When that happens, refrigerators and freezers start to thaw and food goes bad. Luckily, ComEd is allowing you to make a claim to get your money back on grocery items and any other damages that you may have had to endure due to the storm.

The company line from ComEd is, first, this is not an admission of guilt. Most normal people aren't blaming ComEd for the storm, or the slow response in getting their electricity back.

It happens, when tens of thousands of people are without power, it takes some time to get it all running again. Second, there is no guarantee they will pay those claims out.

The good thing is, there's a chance you can get your money back for your losses. My guess, not all claims filed will be accepted so If you need to make one, I recommend starting to cobble it together today.

You can start the claim at ComEd.com.

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