Every morning I look forward to filling up my mug with the best wake-up elixir ever. Coffee!

But before we toss those grounds take a look at all the uses they provide than just making our morning wake-up.

Viral Nova has a list of 20 ways to reuse coffee grounds.

Some of these I had heard of, like putting them in stinky gym shoes to keep them smelling fresh, or using it as a fertilizer for your garden.

However, there were other uses I had not.

For instance, to get rid of dark under eye circles rub on the coffee grounds. Hmmm, ok. That's interesting.

Or you can quickly touch up wood scratches and nicks on your furniture by rubbing in some grounds.

**Which by the way I tried to my wall clock. I rubbed a bit of my coffee grounds on it and it darkened the nick from where it hit the entertainment center as it fell off the wall.

Hate how after chopping onions your hands smell? Just wash your hands in coffee grounds and the stink will be gone. Hmmm, this I've got to try.

Now this tip, I can't wait to try in the spring. If you want to change the color of your hydrangeas add coffee grounds to the soil. the grounds will change the soils PH balance which then directly effects the color of the flowers. Cool!

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