davipix, ThinkStock

My husband has declared that "revolution: organization" starts today in our home. You are probably thinking the same thing I did, "revolution: organization" doesn't make sense. It should be "resolution: organization," right? According to him revolution sounds way cooler, so revolution it is I guess. In summary, if you need me the next few weeks I will be cleaning, sorting, and labeling. Jealous?

I like to think I keep a clean home, although I will admit I am the queen of shoving stuff. I hate clutter, so if I can't find a home for something I just shove it somewhere it can't be seen. I always remember where I shove the stuff, but apparently my husband is at his wit's end with my method of organization. I will admit, he is right. We need to get to work, and here are some really cool ideas I came across this morning to get us started.

Here's to a new year with a clean slate, and hopefully, a clean home!