There might soon be a world shortage of coffee. Here's why coffee prices may be going through the roof and coffee beans may be hard to find. Coffee drinkers must be in the know.


Because Brazil, being the world's largest producer of coffee (it makes about 50 million bags a year, which is more than double what Vietnam, the next most highly producing company, churns out) is suffering a drought.


According to Cosmopolitan, "Coffee production is already down about five million bags of coffee. However, Honduras, Indonesia and Vietnam are currently experiencing ideal weather for the coffee bean crops, which is quite unusual. And it means at the moment, they're picking up the slack from Brazil's drought".


Justin Sullivan, Getty Images


It's not time to panic-buy coffee yet, but it is something to be aware of as we move into a new year and we start to work on the household food budget.

The other option is to drink all the coffee you can while it's still available to you.

I'm off to my favorite coffee shop right now.