If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's a new appreciation for grocery store employees. Our brave supermarket employees didn't get the option to work for home. In fact, most of them had to work longer, harder hours preparing all our pickup orders and making sure the shelves were restocked in the midst of panic buying.

They have to follow strict safety protocols that often involve telling people to wear their facemasks, and I think it's safe to say they've had to endure a fair share of harsh words because of it.

My point here is this, we owe all grocery store employees a huge round of thanks for their hard work this past year. A great way to do that is by nominating your favorite supermarket employee for a special honor coming soon from the City of Rockford.

Monday, February 22 is being nationally named as Supermarket Employee Day, and the City of Rockford needs our help to celebrate local grocery heroes properly;

Since the Mayor can’t make it to every grocery store and thank every employee individually, we’re hoping you can help. Nominate your favorite Rockford supermarket employee, and we’ll select one person at random to represent the group and accept the Supermarket Employee Day Proclamation from the Mayor.

We all have that favorite checker who we want to ring up our items, or deli counter clerk who always hooks us up. Maybe its the grocery pickup worker at Walmart that always loads your groceries with a smile. What is their name? Let the City of Rockford know, here.

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