Many residents' concerns over the iced streets and sidewalks merited a response for city officials.

Perhaps the most important piece of information is an indication to be understanding. City of Rockford Street Division Superintendent Mitch Leatherby told,

With everything that happened last week, with the thickness of the ice, it's going to take multiple rounds to get them back to bare pavement.

And as for the salt issue, the availability is a problem all over our region and beyond. This has nothing to do with the city dropping the ball.

All the salt suppliers, regionally, are doing the best they can to keep everybody afloat until we at least get a break for a couple of weeks, to get that reserve built up to where we want it to be.

Low temperatures can also impede salts effectiveness, according to

... once the temperature drops below 10 degrees, the salt ultimately becomes ineffective.

If you're desperate to find a salting alternative try one of these tips. You can also report street-related problems here.

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