Stateline police departments are on a mission to establish strong, lasting relationships with the communities they serve, so they have been hosting several public events giving residents the chance to get to know, and have fun with, the officers who protect them.

What I love most about these events is that dancing seems to always be a part of it, and I'm not just talking about tapping feet to tunes on the radio.

I'm talking about full-out dance offs, which usually end with a police officer getting served.

Rockford Police Officer Thurmond may have started the Stateline's cop dance off trend a couple weeks ago, but this City of Beloit Police Department officer showed that Rockford cops aren't the only ones with moves at a community cookout in Krape Park on Saturday.

Big thanks to Eyewitness News for capturing those moves and sharing them for the whole world to see. Now, if we can just get the City of Beloit Police Department to participate in the cop lip syncing challenge...pretty sure they would rock it!

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