The assumption of a radio talent's job being easy will never end. Yes, our careers can be fun and exciting but there are some challenges, one of the biggest being interviews. Personally, I think this term freuantly used to describe two, three, or four people talking is complete garbage. If you're considering jumping into broadcasting or podcasting, don't be an interviewer because most times the end product is going to be boring and suck. This is why that muck of a word should be replaced with "conversation."

When it comes to celebrities doing interviews you can safely bet they are doing several interviews that day, all promoting the exact same thing if not very similar. It's also safe to assume many varieties of the same questions are being asked over and over and over and over. Now things are becoming monotonous. This is why "interviews" and crash land in a hurry, especially is the person being interviewed is over it and just doesn't care. It happens.

I once interviewed a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and he was giving me one or two word answers for open-ended questions. I could tell a minute in that he did not give a single you-know-what and was just rolling through whatever his manager or publicist told him he needed to do. Shortly after the one minute mark I could take it, this was a complete waste of both of our time. "Look", I said, "I understand you're probably doing a bunch of calls this morning and I'm sure its not the most fun part of your day, but you obviously have no interest in doing this so why do we just hang up and I'll go on air by myself and tell people to check out your show?"

"Sounds like a great ----ing plan." and he hung up. Chris Janson, and every country artist I've chatted with, is not like this. In fact, even with this being the second time I've been lucky enough to talk to Chris he has been super pleasant, open, honest, and FUN. This conversation between Chris Janson, Lil Zim, and me will be something I will cherish forever. I left that convo feeling like I had just had an hour long phone call with a close friends I hadn't seen in years. We chatted about everything from how he chooses which song will kick off his set, how his kids' handled remote learning, is Fortnite a big deal in his family's home, and so much more. He also had a comment when I brought up how great it is to talk to people like him.

You've read this far, you might as well listen.

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