I try not to be the "Nervous Nelly" parent, but this world can be a very scary place, and this video proves a very important point.

My daughter Ella takes after her mother. She loves "doggies" and talks about them all the time. If you see us somewhere, she will probably say "hello, doggy" to you. Her two favorite movies to watch are Disney's 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp, just like her mama. In fact, I was just bragging to my husband last night about her taking after me with her love affair with doggies. Then I watched this video, and felt a cold stab of fear.



My daughter may still be too young to understand the stranger conversation, but this video proves the importance of it. Perhaps we need to cover even more angles and situations when having the "stranger talk" with our little ones.

Pass this information on, because as the video says, one share could save a life.