MOO-VE over, folks! There was quite the cow-nundrum in Niles this morning, and it's udderly hilarious.

Residents in the Chicago suburb were woken up to a spectacle Thursday morning when a cow seemed to have made its great escape. No joke, a cow was spotted moseying down the street like it owned the place. Was this cow an early bird or a night-moo-ver?

Cow on the loose in Chicago
CBS Chicago via TikTok

The Niles police department had their hands full as they attempted to "corral the cow," which is an astonishing site to see. It's not every day that they have to deal with a scene like this one. If you're questioning the validity of this story, it's no bull.

Where did the loose cow in Niles, Illinois come from?

The cow seemed to be having a great time exploring the neighborhood. Some residents even reported seeing the cow stop for a quick snack on their front lawns. It seems like this cow was really milking its freedom.

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Neighbors were spotted trying to capture the cow and some were yelling at it. Don't worry, though, it's nearly impossible to hurt his feelings. He has leather skin.

Cow on the loose in Chicago
Roger Plummer, CBS Chicago via TikTok

Police told CBS Chicago it was a prank by high school students in the area.

Police said students who attend Northridge Prep School were apparently involved in what was described as a 'senior prank,' by bringing live animals to the school.

You'll be mooved to know the cow was eventually safely corralled by Wagner Farms and will be transported to an appropriate facility.

You may be equally happy to know there will be no more cow puns because if I keep it up I might butcher them.

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