If you've always dreamed about being on a TV show and also maybe you don't have anything to do for the next few months, you're in luck, you're about to be paid to be on TV.

How many times can I write the same sentence... 2020 has been rough. Real rough, for a ton of industries, TV production is definitely one of those.

Of course that impacts the actors and the crew that can't work and make money, but it also impacts all of us who would love to watch some new TV shows sometime this fall.

Thankfully, things are changing!

TV shows are back in production and that includes the shows that tape in the Chicago area.

Usually Chicago Fire, and the other Chicago shows, look for different extras almost every episode, but this time around, consistency is key when it comes to who is on set and who's not which is why you can make major bank if you're accepted to be on one of these extra crews.

They are looking for a ton of extras to work until January on the show, which is also great if you happened to have lost your job due to the pandemic.

There are SO many different posts on the Chicago Fire Extras Facebook page right now, here are a few of the most popular, you can get the rest here.

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