If you collect baseball cards or know someone that does they might want to look for this Cubbie's rookie card.

If you're like me and haven't collected any sort of sports cards in decades, after reading, you'll wish you hadn't stopped. You could be sitting on a gold mine.

Chicago Cubs' Kris Bryant
David Banks, Getty Images

A sports fan got his hands on Kris Bryant's rookie card and was blown away by it's value. Bleacher Report says the card is so valuable because of its rarity. Apparently, only 50 were printed, which already ups its value. Not only that, but it's what happened to almost all of those trading cards that increase the value. Out of the 50 that were printed, 49 are missing. How do they just disappear?! Bleacher Report caught up with its owner.

This card may be the only copy confirmed on the resale market despite the fact that its print run is numbered to 50. If there are supposed to be 50 copies of each card—where are the other 49? This type of mystery is not typical of cards with comparable print runs, according to Jesse Koontz, the card's current owner and Kris Bryant card supercollector.

So what is this solo Kris Bryant rookie card worth? Try $20,000. That's the lowest offer that would get Koontz to even consider parting ways with it. He told Bleacher Report,

"Money can always be made, but things like that are hard to come by. I like having the asset itself because, in my mind, it's just going to go up in value."

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