The art of the "at bat" celebration took on a new form Monday night, thanks to Chicago Cubs star Javy Baez. We've seen the bat flip, the hit and stare, now there's the "row, row, row your boat."

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Lets start by stating some facts. There's a history with Javy Baez and the Reds pitcher Amir Garrett. The amount of crap talk between the two goes back years.

This wasn't a walk-off homerun, this didn't propel the Cubs into first place, and this didn't win the series...It was as they say in Chicago, "Javy being Javy."


The Chicago Cubs season has been an absolute bummer, but it looks like as the trading season begins later this week, Javy was a little fired up.

This is the direction of MLB in 2021. This is what MLB WANTS to see, don't let the old timers fool you, Major League Baseball wants "individuals" to stand out and celebrate. MLB wants kids to watch, desperately.

Here is Javy with his walk-off hit against Amir Garrett on Monday night. Row, row, row your boat...Javy:

Pulls the jersey out, throws the bat, stares down the pitcher and talks and talks and talks...Will there be some "get back" from the Reds because of this? Of course there will be. The old timers will say, "well you gotta throw at him now."

This "last dance" for the Chicago Cubs World Series team is going to be interesting, and Javy is leading the charge...out the door.



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