This is something straight out of a rom-com. If there were photos and videos I wouldn't hesitate to think this was a fake story.

But, it's not, and more proof you never know what you'll see at Wrigley Field's bleachers' section.

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We're in the early days of the 2023 MLB season and have already spotted multiple beer snakes and people slamming those $30 bats full of beer, all while enjoying America's pastime.

Chicago Baseball Comes With Two Completely Different Experiences

I'm not so sure you'll witness this Wrigley Field love connection on the south side of Chicago. There can be quite the contrast in the ballpark experience between watching the north and southside teams in person.

Guaranteed Rate Field is a nice park and you can tailgate but it comes with potential scenes straight out of Jerry Springer Show. I've been to "The Cell" about a dozen times and I've literally witnessed fights inside the place every time I've visited.

On the other side of town, it's completely different. While I'm sure there are some situations that may arise but I've never personally seen a fight occur inside the friendly confines.

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The same goes for Wrigleyville. Even with the occasional smashed baseball fan stumbling around it's a pretty enjoyable atmosphere.

Cubs Fan Passes Phone Through Bleachers To Get Woman's Number

On April 25, a love-stricken Cubs fan took one hell of a risk in order to get another Cubbies fan's number. This dude handed his unlocked phone to other fans so it could be passed to a woman in hopes of getting her number.

The possibility of all the things that could go wrong brings my anxiety to a level 9 out of 10. What if someone threw his phone like a frisbee? What if she wasn't single? What if it was a cousin you didn't know about?

This dude was incredibly lucky but did they make a connection afterward?

Did they go on a date?

The dude's daring task worked and I can't believe it. I'm jealous of that guy's game, seriously. Watch.

@oliviamarino__ #duet with @allyinchi better see you all May 7th at Wrigley Field #TaylorSwift #cubs #wrigleyfield ♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) - Taylor Swift

That video is the 2nd video, her prior was prefacing they chatted a little before the game. So there is a little bit of a backstory, I guess.

Was this "romantic moment" staged?

Any time I see videos like this on social media it's really hard for my brain to accept that this was a purely authentic moment and not set up. Do things like this actually happen? Will wedding bells be in their future or was it all for views, likes, and shares?

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