If you ask any professional athlete, "what is one thing you'd like to accomplish in your career?" you might get this answer: I want to be on a Wheaties box. It's a huge honor and an even bigger deal for people like my dad who like to collect every single box that comes out with his favorite baseball and football players on it.

While being on a box of Wheaties is a big deal, I would like to think that having your OWN cereal is an even bigger deal; especially when the proceeds are for a good cause.

Chicago Cub, Anthony Rizzo, just got his very own cereal, appropriately called, "RizzO's." It's being described as a honey nut toasted oat cereal and it's now available at Chicago area Jewel Osco stores and online at plbsports.com and Amazon.com.

All portion of the proceeds will benefit the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, which helps support children and their families battling cancer.