This is some good marketing. 

I'm very excited about this one.

Full disclosure: Revolution Brewery is probably my favorite Chicago brewery. I only say probably because I'm not sure if you can count Three Floyd's as a "Chicago" brewery because they're actually in Indiana.

But I digress.

BlockClubChicago - Like everyone else in Chicago, [we] were delighted to have the news cycle overwhelmed by a dapper bow-tied gator for a little while — especially the part where he was caught safe and sound and got to retire to Florida like half of everyone’s parents around here,” said John Carruthers, spokesman for the brewery.

I would link to some stories about Chance the Snapper but I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard the story by now. It was just a wonderful stupid summertime diversion.

The beer sounds pretty solid as well.

The pineapple coconut wit-style was chosen for Humboldt Gator because it “speaks to Chance’s chaotic tropical spirit.”

The brewery went on to admit that they had the beer in production long before the gator story broke but decided to hop on the viral train to get some more publicity. It worked.

They would also like everyone to know that they will be donating $1 from each pint sold to the nonprofit, West Town Bikes. No word on if it will be available in cans or bottles yet but you can currently get it at their taphouse in Chicago, a place you definitely should visit if you're a fan of beer.


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