The future might be bright for the current iteration of the Chicago Bears but the present might be a rough ride.

NOTE: This is all being written from the perspective of a 42-year-old Bear fan. I have basically two great memories from Bear games.

The 2006 NFC Title Game Against The Saints

Ugh. I forgot that the NFL won't let you share any of their content off Youtube. You'll have to go to the actual website to watch. It is worth your time if you're a Bears fan.

That was probably the happiest I've ever been as a Bears fan. Team looked great against Drew Brees and the Saints and were headed to the Super Bowl. That joy would obviously be erased two weeks later, but it was a fun time.

That was one good memory. The other?

2001 Week 7 Win Against San Francisco


This was part of the magical 2001 season that saw the Bears go 13-3... but ultimately get steamrolled by the Eagles in the playoffs 33-19. It was the first of two consecutive walkoffs for Mike Brown, the second would come a week later against Cleveland, but this one was the first sign that the 2001 season could be special.

After those two games I really don't have a GREAT Bears memory that sticks out. Plenty of bad ones. Cody Parkey double doink, Marion Barber running out of bounds, and the 2011 playoff loss to the Packers come to mind immediately, I'm sure there's more.

And that's been pretty much how I always expect a Bears play/game/season to go, I'm always just waiting for the disappointment. The Bears were (reportedly) a force to be reckoned with in the early days of the NFL but the last 36 years have been pretty disappointing and at times embarrassing.

Things seem to be possibly turning around at Halas Hall. They have a new GM and head coach that seem to be cut from a different cloth than their predecessors, and most importantly, they have a possible franchise quarterback in Justin Fields.

The Bears look like they might be getting ready to win soon, but just not RIGHT now.

You don't have to take my word for it. Just ask the greatest predictor in sports: Las Vegas.

Being in the same category as the Texans for anything at the moment is never a good sign. Houston is a dumpster fire of an organization at the moment.

The Texans have the longest odds to win the Super Bowl at the moment. You can currently grab them at 250-1 odds to hoist the Lombardi trophy next January, significantly worse than the Bears' current 150-1 odds, the same chance Vegas gives the Detroit Lions, another team you never want to be compared to.

There is a light at the end of this Bears' tunnel of darkness, it's just going to take a while to brighten Bear football.

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