Jay Cutler is just not clicking with Chicago Bears fans as of late. A funny thing happened on the way to auctions, in fact you can say nothing happened on the way to the charity the auction

On March 26th, a pet-adoption charity event took place. The event, which benefited the Anti-Cruelty Society, attempted to auction off a football signed by Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. But unfortunately, not a single person placed a bid.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a week after the event, someone, who requested to remain anonymous (Do you blame them?), contacted the organization and bought the football for $100 and gave the football to his son who is a Bears fan

The Tribune reports that most of the other items the Anti Cruelty Society auctioned off were spa treatments, theater tickets and spa treatments.

Looks like the 2015 is going to be another rough year for Cutler and for Bears fans.