Renewed interest in the flaw in the Wisconsin state quarter is back after a pretty price tag came up.

This comes after the TikTok account @coinhub (punny.) posted this video highlighting the weird error on the coin and what price it drew:


@coinhub This quarter has the juice! 🌽 #foryou#coins#quarters#coincollection#coincollecting#money#treasure♬ original sound - Blake Alma
The flaw is tiny. It's an extra leaf that's extending from the corn husk, whether it be upward or downward. The video focuses on the 'up leaf' version but it also says versions of the flawed coin of it have sold for an excess of $2,000.
Go check your quarters but don't book the cruise if you find one. The Wisconsin state quarter flaw isn't a new thing and the coin's value will likely vary. USA Today reports that found back in 2011, when this all began, that most of these coins were bringing in about $500. Which is still better than 25 cents, I'll take that. CoinTrackers estimates about $250-$300 for the warped 2004 quarter. Which is also fine. 
Normally, the coin looks like this:
2004 50 State Quarters Coin Wisconsin Uncirculated Reverse
United States Mint
You'll see the variation under the left-facing cornhusk. This is a zoomed-in image of the 'up leaf':
TikTok @coinhub
TikTok @coinhub

The Flaw Was Someone's Lunch Break Oops

USA Today says that the flaw happened as a result of someone at the Denver Mint who saw the flaw, decided to go for a lunch break, and came back assuming that someone else had changed the die. Clearly not the case.

So if you end up with more than 25 cents from this coin, much congratulations. If you end up with a cleaned-out coin jar, that's also a nice task to get completed.

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