All of us have salt, vinegar or even honey in our pantry. We use it for seasoning our foods.

Did you know that these common household items can be used for other purposes like removing stains, softening laundry and easing hangovers?

They really do.  Check out this link that has different uses for the common household items.

Here's just a few of the neat things you use with these items:

Salt -  Make drip proof candles by soaking them in salt water a few hours. No more messy drippy candles. Now that's really handy.

White Vinegar - Add one cup to your laundry and you can stop colors from bleeding into your other clothes. I didn't know this. I have in a pinch used Vinegar as fabric softener when I ran out.

Honey - Ease your hangover by taking one Tbsp. Either eat it straight or dissolve it into tea or serve on toast.

Petroleum Jelly - Rub around the gaskets on your car doors and it'll keep them from freezing shut in the winter.

Olive Oil - polish your leather shoes. No more nasty, smelly polish.

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