I love to people watch. Especially in places when the beer is flowing.

It's fun to check out all the different types of beer drinkers.

However I didn't know, according to Thrillist.com, that there are 43 different types of beer drinkers.

Have you ever ran into or saw some of these types when out with friends?

- The guy who will always be known as the drinking game guy, no matter how old he is.

- The guy who gets super excited for a seasonal brew, right down to decorating for the beer season.

- The girl who can out drink the guys, but tries to hides it.

- Or better yet the girl who thinks she can out drink the guys and literally fails at it.

- How about the type that always brags on and on about a specific beer that isn't native to this region?

- The guy who only wants to order Ciders, but is afraid to because people will judge him.

To see Thrillist's complete list of the 43 types of beer drinkers, click here.

Some of these I have seen and are funny to spot. Have you seen any of these people?

Or let me ask you this, are you any of those listed? I'm not sure I am any of them.

Regardless of the beer drinker type, the one thing we all have in common is beer.The best place to celebrate our similarities would be at Barb City on Tap this weekend! Get your tickets now!