Look out, today is 4/20 day, AKA: 'Weed Day' and if plan on indulging in Illinois, where it is still illegal, one Illinois Police department is setting a trap for 'would be' weed smokers.

Ingenious! The Washington Illinois Police department has taken to social media to warn citizens who might be considering indulging today, that they have set up a way to trap you!

Police are ready for "Operation 4-20: Munchie Trap".

Washington PD Photo

Washington, Illinois is just east of Peoria. The Washington PD says:

4/20 is upon us and WPD offers fair warning to anyone partaking in celebration that we will be baiting the traffic trap with junk food. Next aisle: Twinkies. Stay safe Thursday and every day: don’t smoke (or chew, or vape, or dab or anything else) and drive! Thanks

Pot smokers say that after toking up, they get very hungry, hence the munchies.  Gotta say, these guys sure have a good sense of humor.

Washington PD

By the way, where do you buy such a large mousetrap?