Yup, when it comes to getting high in Rockford there are plenty of places to go. Most of the places worth visiting are places that are pretty old. I mean when it's 4/20 you gotta go somewhere special to get high. So, in light of today, here are ten places to get high in Rockford on 4/20!

According to Emporis.com, the highest place you can get in Rockford is on top of the Faust Landmark. It is 15 stories high and has a height of 186 ft.

2. Luther Center 178 ft

3. Embassy Suites Rockford 175 ft

4. Talcott Building 163 ft

5. Rockford Trust Building 155 ft

6. Rock River Tower 149 ft

7. Skyrise Apartments 146 ft

8. Park Terrace Apartments 144 ft

9-T. Brewington Oaks North 140 ft

9-T. Brewington Oaks South 140 ft

And there you have it. Ten places to get high in Rockford!

What? What did you think I was talking about?!

H/T Places In Kalamazoo You Can Get High On 4/20! Looks like you can get pretty high there...Happy Holidays!

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