Did you know that the Heath English Toffee candy bar was invented in Illinois?

It was and they have a festival every year to celebrate it.

No, I'm not making this up. I'm serious.

The Heath English Toffee candy bar was invented in Robinson, IL and every year the town has a Heath Harvest Festival to celebrate the yummy tasty candy.

According to the Robinson Chamber of Commerce the candy was made by the working of Bayard and Everett Heath in 1928. They modified and improved upon a recipe they had gotten from another confectionery, called Trail Toffee, in Champaign, IL.

Now every year the town has a festival that honors "America's finest toffee bar" with the Heath Harvest Festival.

In fact if your up for the drive you can check it. It's about 4 hours to our South East. I'd say a definite road trip to check out the festival and visit the museum. Yes there's a museum there too. It's in the former L.S. Heath Confectionery.

I thought this was interesting. I had no idea that the Heath candy bar, which by the way I absolutely love, was invented and made right here in my home state.I wouldn't mind checking this place out the festival or the museum.

Click here to see the schedule of events and to read more about the festival.

To learn about the museum, click here.