The beloved 80's film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, starring Matthew Broderick as a teen who skips school to go on a wild adventure in Chicago with his best friend and girlfriend, turns 30 on June 11, 2016, but the celebration will kick off a few weeks earlier in the Windy City.

"Ferris Fest: A 30th Anniversary Leisure Weekend" will take place May 20-22, 2016 from Lake Forest to Chicago and will feature a film screening with special appearances from some of the movie's stars, bus tours of iconic filming locations, and even performances from musical guests.

Here's the list of events planned for "Ferris Fest" in Chicago:

  • A special screening of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is scheduled for Saturday, May 21 at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater in Lake Forest, Illinois. It will be hosted by Chicago film critic, Richard Roeper, and will feature appearances from a growing list of the film's stars.
  • A live re-creation of the movie's "Twist and Shout" parade sequence with surprise musical guests.
  • A 2-day, 2-part bus tour of filming locations including Cameron's house, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Willis Tower, Wrigley Field and more!
  • A precise replica of Ferris' bedroom will be on display all weekend long.

Tickets for "Ferris Fest" are on sale now, and several different packages are available for purchase. Get more tickets details and prices on the Ferris Fest website.