Talk about an incredible journey. I just wonder what this cat's journey was like after being found one year and 4,000 miles away later?

WGN News reported that Bogie, the Siamese cat, was separated from his family nearly a year ago when they were moving to Michigan. His pet carrier apparently opened at the airport and Bogie escaped.

Fast forward to nearly 19 months later and 4,000 miles away on the streets of Hawaii Bogie was discovered by Bill Antilla, a volunteer for Hawaii Cat Friends. Hawaii Cat Friends is a nonprofit group that spays and neuters feral cats in Oahu. Antilla told the station he came across the Siamese cat, named Bogie, “about six or eight months ago” while feeding stray cats on the island. He noticed that Bogie was friendly than the other cats and  borrowed a microchip scanner to see if he was a stray or belonged to someone.

Turns out Bogie was microchipped and the Hawaiian Humane Society was able to trace it back to his family in Detroit, Mich.

Bogie was returned to his waiting family late last week.

Now we know why Donna Apgar from the Winnebago County Animal Serivces is always telling us about the important of microchipping your cats and dogs and keeping the information current. Who knows what may how become of Bogie or how long he would have lasted on the Hawaiian streets without it.

To learn more about microchipping your animals visit the Winnebago County Animal Services site at:

To see the video of Bogie, click here.