It's a shame that some people find it funny to mistreat someone doing their job. No one should have to go through this!

It was a fight over a $7 tip for a pizza delivery driver and it occurred at a car dealership in Massachusetts.

Jarrid Tansey is a pizza driver at the Palace Pizza. He delivered a pizza order to F&R Auto Sales. The total pizza bill was $42, so the used car employees gave Tansey a total of $50. He left the dealership with the $50, but that was where a disagreement about whether he said anything about keeping the change before he took off.

Shortly thereafter, the individuals at the dealership called the Palace Pizza’s manager and asked Tansey to come back and return the $7. Upon his return, you can see what the camera picked up that was recoding in the dealership's sales’ office.

In the video you can hear Tansey say:

It just doesn't make sense why you would hand me a bill that you were just going to have me drive back here to give you back anyway

The man behind the desk tells Tansey that he gave all the money the group had collected and expected to get back the correct change. Tansey replied:

“he manager apologized once for you. You want him to apologize again for you?....It’s ok. You got your $7, so the world is right now.”

Then in the video you can hear an man at the dealership say:

“Hey out the door before I put my foot in your a**. How’s that one?


After the video went viral the dealership was inundated was bombarded with terrible reviews. The comments got so bad the car lot called police. Subsequently, by Thursday afternoon the owner of F&R Auto Sales had publicly apologized for the actions that led to this embarrassing video.

There is good news, a fundraising page has been set up for the pizza delivery driver. By Friday morning, it has already raised more than $17,000.00.  The name of the page is: “Get Jarrid his tip money!”

Watch the full video below. Warning: Video contains graphic language. Viewer Discretion Advised.