Chicago's police need you help in finding the candy caper that's on the loose in the city.

Well that is if they're still there.

NBC Chicago shares that last night as the 2018 Sweets & Snacks Expo wrapped someone stole over $18,000 worth of candy from McCormick Place.

According to police the "theft occurred at around 8:10 p.m. at a parking garage for the convention center." It's believed that "someone stole candy that was left unattended in the [parking] garage during loading."

The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA), the company that owns the convention center, is working with the Chicago PD to track down the thief. They are going through security footage to see if they can capture the sweet swindler.

At this time no one has been identified for committing the candy crime, nor have the swiped sweets been found. The investigation remains open.

The candy caper had a sweet get away for now, but it's a matter of time before they're caught.





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