According to OnlyInYourState, if you can accurately pronounce these Illinois town names--you've lived in Illinois too long. Let's find out.

Due to our state’s heritage and weirdness, there are some very strange town names in Illinois that only the tried-and-true resident can pronounce. If you know all eight of these words, you’ve probably been living in the Land of Lincoln for far too long.

I'll admit to a certain level of cockiness when I first saw the headline. I thought to myself "Bring it on." Only to discover that there were 4 town names on the list that I had absolutely no idea how to pronounce. Let's see how you do.

Here are the 8 towns listed by OnlyInYourState, along with a pronunciation:

Benld: (Right off the bat, I had no idea how to say it)

Located in Macoupin County, in the southern portion of the state, this town name is pronounced Ben-ELD. It is home to fewer than 1,500 residents and is a quiet town where things don't change much.

Somonauk: (Nailed it)

This village in LaSalle County sits just outside of Chicagoland in the northern section of Illinois. It is pronounced SAHM-uh-nok and is home to about 1,800 residents.

Wataga: (Totally blew this one)

You'll never get this one right on the first try unless you've heard it enough times. It is pronounced vi-uh-TAH-guh and is situated in Knox County near Galesburg in the east/central region of the Prairie State.

Waukegan: (Easiest one on the list)

This city just north of Chicago is pronounced waw-KEE-guhn. It is home to 88,000 residents and is tucked right up against Lake Michigan. Locals enjoy nature preserves and immaculate architecture in this amazing community.

Tiskilwa: (Been through there a couple of times, so I had a heads-up on saying it)

Home to less than 1,000 residents, this tiny town in Bureau County is pronounced TIS-kil-wah. It is located near the bend of the Illinois River in the central portion of the state and is a sleepy village few have ever visited.

Shabbona: (I have a friend who grew up there, so I got lucky)

Located in DeKalb County in the northern part of the state, this village is home to just about 900 residents and is pronounced SHAB-buh-nuh. It is full of historic parks and nature preserves, such as Shabbona Lake State Park.

Kaskaskia: (Lucky guess, but got it)

This tiny village in Illinois takes up less than 70 acres and is home to just about 13 residents. This special town is pronounced kas-KAS-kee-uh, and it is actually located on the west side of the Mississippi River in Central Illinois.

Teheran: (Nope, not even close)

Located in the middle of the state as well as in the middle of nowhere, this little-known village sits on IL-10. It is pronounced Tuh-HAIR-uhn and is a simple community you may not even notice as you drive through.

Loogootee: (Again, nope)

Possibly the most interesting of these strange town names is this one in Fayette County. It is an unincorporated community near Effingham that is pronounced LOH-guh-TEE.

Okay, tallying it all up...and, since I only got half of them right, it looks like I get to stay here in Illinois for a few more years.

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