Watch Kelsea Ballerini's new "Peter Pan" video very closely and you could win some of the props used in the making of the music video. Ballerini will personalize the road map for one grand prize winner, while several others will win a "Peter Pan" prize pack!

You'll need to be a big fan of the song and the movie Peter Pan to win this contest. Ballerini paid homage to the classic children's tale throughout her music video with quick and clear references to the main character or some of his new friends. We've posted a few clues below, but don't get comfortable — the first reference comes within the first few seconds of the clip!

Clue No. 1: Birds of a feather, flock together.
Clue No. 2: It's about time!
Clue No. 3: Powerful jewelry.
Clue No. 4: See clue No. 1.
Clue No 5: Dinnertime!

Think you know all five? Now it's time to guess. Fill them out in order in the form above. You'll need to answer all five to enter. They're spread through the music video for Ballerini's third single from her The First Time album. One or two may be obvious, but others may take time ... (See what we did there? You will soon.)

Those who submit all five correct answers will be entered to win one of five prize packs that include an autographed vinyl copy of The First Time and an autographed Neverland poster and Neverland star bracelet. One grand prize winner will win the roadmap that accompanies Ballerini in the car on her journey, and the singer will personalize it for ya!

Be sure to read the official Taste of Country contest rules before entering. Good luck!

Watch Kelsea Ballerini's "Peter Pan" Video